Who is Tatama?

Tatama coffee is the vision of Henry Gomez. Henry is a 4th generation coffee farmer and grew up on his family’s farm, Finca Alto Bonito in Santuario, Risaralda. The farm is now run by his brother Jorge, while Henry provides a direct link with roasters in the UK with the help of his sidekick, Mani.


What do we do best?

We help: our roots are in farming, roasting and brewing coffee on a small scale, giving us an inside view of the challenges our partners face. We use our collective experience to help you overcome the everyday challenges of your business, from logistics to communication


-Respect: we are a part of our community. We make a living in coffee with integrity, honouring the values, work, needs and expertise of everyone we encounter


Who we work with

Rooted in our struggle to save Alto Bonito, the Gomez family’s farm at the foothills of the Tatama nature reserve. We started bringing little lots of special coffee from Alto Bonito and other members of Asocafe Tatama, a group of smallholder farmers.

We are now able to widen our reach, working with coffee farmers in our network further afield.


What kind of coffees are we talking about?

As well as San Bernardo from our farm, the farmers in our network grow and process common varieties like Caturra, Castillo Rosario, Variedad Colombia, and Bourbon as well as exotic varieties like, Caturra Chiroso, Yellow Caturra,  Pacamara, Mokka, Geisha, Red Tabi, Yellow Tabi, Pink Bourbon and Wush Wush. Always special.